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Youth & Young Mens Ministries




Mission Statement: To provide biblical education to young men concerning issues faced in the real world.


Vision Statement:  To help men become the leaders that GOD has intended for men to be. That every man in the New Hope family shall become the head of their families and soldiers for Christ.


Ministry Description: Joshua Group teaches through Biblical scripture that addresses issues that confront men: marriage, finances, leadership, attitudes, behaviors, thinking processes and positive ways of change. We build upon the messages  delivered from our Pastor on Sunday, (which are based on the word of God) and Bible Study. We also use biblically based books and videos for greater understanding of lessons. Furthermore, we plan activities men may enjoy doing to provide Christian fellowship.

Young Mens Ministry



Mission Statement: New Hope Baptist Church Youth Ministry, empowers our Children & Youth through encouraging positive choices and confronting challenging issues.   We promote spiritual maturity and community leadership, by implementing life enhancing programs and activities with a goal of building Christian leaders for the next generation.


Vision Statement: Youth will learn the basics of Christianity and continue to grow in it.

We want to help children discover how much God loves them at a very early age. We want to provide them with the wonderful opportunity to learn about God and His love while preparing them for the future through biblical principles.

What we do (Ministry Description): Cultivate a community where Christ-like character is our priority.  The NHBC Youth Ministry will engage youth and their families in ways that inspire spiritual growth, and to support their development into dynamic leaders in the body of Christ and the community at-large. We’re committed to helping our youth mature their relationship with God, grow their faith in God, discover their skills and talents, and find God’s will and purpose for their lives through sound, biblical truth and learning.


Youth Ministry Leaders:

Sis. Sarah Dupree  (L)
& Min. Cynthia Anderson  (R)

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