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Old City Jerusalem

Hospitality & Culinary Ministry



Mission Statement: Our mission statement is to keep in line with The Church Vision to minister to the total person, which involves a transformation that begins with the process of renewing the mind. Keeping the body healthy through proper diet; the serving of nutritional food helps with that transformation through physical wellness. Our mental state becomes receptive to Biblical truth that is processed through our minds.


Vision Statement: The vision of this ministry is to support, comfort and nurture through the serving of nutritional food with loving care and concern as we move to a higher level. To strive for meals that are in line with the overall vision, healthy, reduced caloric content, nutritious and practical.


Ministry Description: The Culinary Ministry serves a healthy meal, whether it is a funeral or a conference. Our style of food preparation is where you feel like there is no place like home, like we've been expecting you…that's the way you feel every time you fellowship with New Hope.




Mission Statement: Be kindly, affectionate one to another with brotherly love, In honour preferring one another". (Rom. 12:10). Always as greeters exhibiting a Christian friendliness to inhabit the foyer of a church without any strategy to make it happen. The front line of first impressions, the greeters at New Hope make every guest feel at home. The greeters are responsible for welcoming and helping our visitors find their way around the campus. If you're excited about showing others what you've found at New Hope maybe the greeters ministry is right for you.


Vision Statement:   Take pride in our ministry and to be equipped to welcome people as they are, and not as he or she might wish they were. This is the ultimate ideal in the one-on-one ministry of a church greeter; Always displaying a level of equality in the need for human kindness- 2 Peter 1:7


Ministry Description:   The Hospitality Ministry serves to reflect the love of Christ through expressions of gratitude, excitement, and enthusiasm while creating an inviting environment during our services that is welcoming and hospitable that makes our guest and member feel warm and comfortable while worshipping with us.. ​


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