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Decoration & Extended Hands Ministry



Mission Statement: The Extended Hands Ministry was formed for the expressed purpose of lending support, prayer, encouragement, and giving expressions of appreciation for the Pastor as he carries out the vision of the church as given to him by God.  


Vision Statement: Take care of as many details as possible so the Pastor can carry out his ministry worry-free. 


What we do (Ministry Description): To provide support to the Pastor and his family spiritually and professionally. To lead the congregation in fulfilling our responsibilities of assisting the Pastor and to aid him that he may faithfully and effectively fulfill his Pastoral responsibilities.



Mission Statement: The Purpose of the Decorating Ministry Group is to use our God-given gifts and talents to “set the tone” to create a beautiful, worshipful environment that reflects God’s handiwork in nature, without it being distracting to worship.  in our sanctuary.   Above all, we want to creatively glorify God in the way we decorate at New Hope Baptist Church.


Vision Statement: The vision of the decorating ministry to create a warm atmosphere that represents GOD’s goodness, blessings and love to others.


Ministry Description:  The Decorating Ministry organizes and executes the decorating needs of Bew Hope Baptist Church.

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