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Deacon Savill Davis

Reared in both The Boot and the Lone Star State, our newest deacon, Bro. Suville Davis has called New Hope, "home" for the past seven years. While living in Dallas in the early 2010s, Davis longed to relocate to a quieter, less busy town for his family. Soon enough, he got a home built in Royse City. New to the area, Davis and his family routinely traveled back to Dallas for church, but the drive eventually grew old. His wife, Monique, suggested they visit the church just 5 minutes away, New Hope Baptist Church.

As a child, Davis felt his mother "dragged" him to church, but "as I got older," he says, "I started to understand the Word and what I should be doing as a believer." As such, he was intentional about finding redeeming qualities in his next church home. From his very first experience at New Hope, Davis recalls feeling "called" here, saying...

"It felt like home; it felt like love; it felt like family."


















In his leisure, Davis enjoys traveling and playing basketball. An avid sports fan, Davis, in his work as a construction manager, helped build the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. When describing his vision for New Hope's future, Davis hopes that "we'd grab the attention of the young men and not allow outside influences to dictate their thinking." His favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13, "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." The scripture serves as "a reminder that regardless of the circumstances, nothing can stop me!," Davis exclaims.

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The Davis family became members of New Hope a short while later and in 2018, got baptized. Though baptized as child, Davis explains that he didn't understand its purpose then, but he does now. When asked what propelled his desire for baptism, he states, "I was kill the old me and come up new. I'd let go of old friends and started fresh. I was excited about learning in the knowledge of the Word and wanted to share it with my family." 

Since joining New Hope, Davis has been active in multiple ministries. Davis sought ways to care for the wellbeing of members, amid safety concerns following the Emmanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, SC. He became the ministry leader of New Hope's Security Ministry. After speaking with Pastor Grays about a need for Christian mentorship of young men, Davis helped establish New Hope's Joshua Group Ministry. In 2021, Davis began his journey to become a deacon.  Unsure of his abilities to take on the responsibility, God answered Davis' prayer for reassurance. During deacon training, Davis realized his gift: service. He was officially ordained as a deacon on February 19, 2023.

The Davis Family

L-R: Chance, Monae, Monique, Monielle, Savill

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